Have you considered switching to a packaged HVAC unit? Or you are just about acquiring a new unit. A Packaged HVAC system ensures that you do not have to worry about installing two (2) separate units (indoor and outdoor). This system combines an air conditioner and a heater in one cabinet and it is installed on a concrete slab outside the house or placed on top of office building roofs. A Packaged HVAC system offers numerous benefits and it also has disadvantages of its own. Therefore, it is important that you get yourself acquainted with the pros and cons that this type of unit offers.

Pros of A Packaged HVAC Unit

  1. All in one cabinet – Space Conservation

The Design of a packaged HVAC system is such that its compressor, evaporator coil, and condenser units are efficiently fitted into a single cabinet, thereby, conserving space when set-up in homes. This cabinet also houses the natural gas furnace or the electric heating coils. In comparison with a separate heating and air conditioning unit (split units for instance), a packaged system occupies a relatively smaller space. It is suitable for homes with limited indoor space for a heating and air conditioning system. Should in case you are remodelling your abode or erecting a new one, the space saving factor of a packaged HVAC system becomes a plus because you won’t have to bother yourself about an indoor unit eating into the limited space you have.


  1. Enhanced Energy Efficiency

A Packaged HVAC system offers an energy efficiency that is about 15-25% more than traditional HVAC models provided it comes with the Energy Star label of the United States government. Based on the fact that it is pre-assembled from the factory, you are guaranteed an efficient system all year round. Due to its enhanced energy efficiency, it saves cost of utility bills.


  1. Ease of accessibility

The Design of a packaged HVAC system (all-in-one cabinet) makes it easy for a technician to access the system at once and carry out repairs and regular maintenance because the heater and air conditioner are both in a cabinet.

Other advantages of investing in this highly efficient system includes:

  • Affordable installation and maintenance costs
  • Enhanced expansion capabilities
  • Improved compatibility with other heating and air conditioning products.


Cons of a Packaged HVAC system

The disadvantages associated with packaged HVAC system are:

  1. External installation

The external installation of a packaged HVAC system has its advantages as well as its cons. This method of Installation exposes the system to harsh climatic conditions making it susceptible to leakages, wears and tears, and the negative effects of wind and rain. Also, animals tend to make their homes inside the unit during winter months. The activities of these animals are capable of destroying the wiring and insulation.

  1. Inefficient dissipation of heat compared to a split unit.



If you have decided to go with a packaged HVAC system, it is very important that you seek the advice of a professional.

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